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Mochi puts your NFTs and long-tail assets to work as collateral while maintaining exposure to their long-term value. An autonomously governed protocol, Mochi bridges the gap between NFTs and DeFi to pioneer a new way to maximize the utility of emerging digital assets.

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Brand Info

Refer to project as Mochi

Refer to token as $MOCHI

Refer to stablecoin as $USDM


  • The USDM stablecoin is soft pegged to the USD and Mochi helps maintain the peg with dedicated, highly capital efficient stable pegged-asset pools on Curve.

  • This value is fully backed by overcollateralized vaults with credit parameters assigned based on total on-chain liquidity and credit utilization.

Main Narrative:

Unlock productivity in NFTs and long-tail crypto-assets with the cross-chain USDM stablecoin

Resonating Message:

Deposit and earn yield on collateral while also borrowing against it.

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